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Dana's School Code

This is the Dana Hills school code that you will use for college admissions as well as SAT and ACT registration


Guidance Department

School Picture Fils 2012-2013 066.jpg

 Cyndie Steinert

Assistant Principal, Guidance

School Picture Fils 2012-2013 069.jpg

 Betty Lee

Guidance Secretary

Academic Advisors

 School Picture Fils 2012-2013 043.jpg

Kathy Kam (A-Dec)


ex. 2250




Unassigned (Ded-I )

ex. 2268

School Picture Fils 2012-2013 076.jpg

Bonnie Borden (J-Morr)


 ex. 2265

School Picture Fils 2012-2013 133.jpg

Wanda Lewis (Mos-San)


 ex. 2295

School Picture Fils 2012-2013 070.jpg

Audra Lee (Sap-Z )


ex. 2236

Guidance Home

Walk-Through Registration Information


Tuesday, Aug. 5                   Wednesday, Aug. 6                          Thursday, Aug.  7

9 A.M. – 12 P.M.                        4 P.M. – 7 P.M.                                9 A.M. – 12 P.M.


REGISTRATION 2014 – Doors open at 7:30 a.m. and close promptly at 11:30 a.m.

Monday, August 18 – Seniors

Tuesday, August 19 – Juniors

Wednesday, August 20 – Sophomores

Monday, August 25 – Freshmen

Tuesday, August 26 – Makeup Day (all students)

2014-15 Course Selections

Please contact your student's academic advisor asap if you need to make a change to next year's course selections. Our teacher staffing is determined by student course requests and we need these to be as accurate as possible so that we are staffed correctly for next year. We are also making a concerted effort to minimize the number of changes that take place during Registration and the first few of weeks of school in order to reduce any interruptions to classroom instruction at the beginning of the school year.

In addition, beginning next year the last day to make level changes or to drop a non-required class will be at the end of the 4th week of school—Friday, October 3rd.

Fall Advisement for 14-15

Students need to complete their online course selection by midnight on Sunday, March 30th. Students can access their courses and make changes through https://abi.capousd.org/. Look in the Guidance locker below and to the right to see course offerings and course selection instructions.

Last year students created a Student Portal account so that they will have access to the same information and records as the Parent Portal, along with registering for classes. Most students have created this account and should log on frequently to view the data listed above. If you did not create an account you will need the following information:  ID number, an email address (must be different than parents’), and the unique verification code that was used to create the Parent Portal account (This number can be obtained from the DHHS guidance office). DHHS students will again use their Student Portal account to complete the registration process and choose your classes. It will be essential for students to have a valid Student Portal account to properly register for courses. Students will not have the ability to change the data that parents enter in the Parent Portal. Information regarding opening a Student Portal account is available at https://abi.capousd.org/.


Guidance News

No news posted

Guidance Deadlines

Add New Class
10 days into the beginning of the new Semester is deadline to add new class/classes, one week, 3 days to add a class from 1st day of semester.

Level Change:  
10 days after 1st Progress Report (6 weeks into the semester) is deadline to do a level change of a class, e.g., English Accelerated to Regular English, Biology to AP Biology, etc.

Drop an Elective: 
5 days after 2nd Progress Report (12 weeks into semester) is deadline to drop an elective course, e.g., Psychology, Art, etc.

College Planning Grade 9/10

It may seem early to start thinking about getting your child ready for college, but it really isn't -- important groundwork should take place in ninth and tenth grade. Here's a list to help you make ...more

College Planning Grade 11


  • Start with you: Make lists of your abilities, social/cultural preferences, and personal qualities. List things you may want to study and do in college.
  • Learn about colleges. Look at their ...more

College Planning Grade 12


  • Narrow your list of colleges to 5 to 10. Meet with a counselor about them and, if you've not yet done so, download college applications and financial aid forms. Plan to visit as many of ...more

Minimum A-G UC/CSU Requirements


   UC and CSU

Eligibility Requirements


Subjects   Years
  A- History/Social Science 2
  B- English 4
  C- Math (Must be Algebra I, II and Geometry) 3
  D- Lab Science (1 physical and 1 life science)  2
  E- Foreign Language    2
  F- Visual or Performing Art 1

  G- Elective From Approved A-F Course



A "C" or better must be earned in all A-G courses


  SAT I or ACT  

  2 SAT II Subject Tests (UC Only)

      Note: SAT II subject tests will no longer be required as of the class of 2012


Minimum GPA  
  3.0 for UC  
  2.0 for CSU  

Summer School Information

Detailed summer school Information, registration packets and applications can be found by visiting the CUSD website.

4 year college bound students:

If you have received a D or an F in a college prep class starting with your freshman year, please see your Academic Advisor to register with Pacific Coast Summer School. (online, college prep and free)  They offer all classes except foreign language and lab science.  If you might get a D or F this semester, sign up now.  It will be too late if you wait until the end of the semester.  If you end up with a C, you do not have to take the class.

Diploma bound students who are credit deficient:

If you are credit deficient, please see your Academic Advisor to register with either Pacific Coast Summer School (online, college prep and free) or Access Summer School (once/twice a week classroom meeting, non-college prep and free).  

Application period closes May 28th so please act quickly. 

Turn in completed applications to your Academic Advisor.