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Dolphin Pride Locker

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Dolphin Pride



All students at Dana Hills High School are eligible for this award which is based on satisfactory academic achievement, outstanding attendance, outstanding citizenship, and school service. 

Applications to earn this award are due to Mr. Nedler, Activities Director by October 1, 2014

Applications turned in after October 1, 2014 will not be accepted.


Academic Achievement:  Maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA with no D or F grades on first semester report card and no D’s or F’s through the spring 12-week progress report (May 2013).

Citizenship:  No “N” or “U” marks in citizenship on all progress reports and semester report cards.

Attendance:  No more than two tardies (including “G” excused tardies) per class per semester and no more than a total of ten tardies for the academic school year. No truancies (period or day). No more than five absences (for any reason other than school events/business) for the academic school year. In the event of serious illness, the candidate can provide a doctor’s note and the five absence rule will be reviewed by the Principal and the Activities Director.

School Service:  15 hours of school service. There are now only seven pre-approved school service organizations that you may work for in order to receive school credit. They are PTSA, Dolphin Force, Grad Nite, the Library and any CUSD approved tutoring or instructional program, along with the donation of home-made baked goods to school events and donation of blood to school-sponsored blood drives.. No credit will be given for service hours with teachers or teams, nor for individual tutoring. No hour credit will be given for any items donated that were not home-made. (i.e., donations of food, water, sodas, etc.) Students must turn in service hour log cards and verify hours as indicated on log card. Late turn in or incomplete hour log cards result in no credit given.

Examples of school service:

Donation of Baked Goods:

A maximum of three (3) total hours will be given throughout the school year for donated items. All baked goods donated must be home made. No credit will be given for store bought items.

Blood Donations:

Two (2) hours will be given to a student for each blood donation. Limit of two blood drives per year.

Maximum of Eight (8) Volunteer Hours Per Day

School service maximum hour-per-day guidelines shall be aligned with the California labor laws specifying that a minor may not work for more than 8 hours per day. 

Meetings: There is an informational meeting scheduled on October 1, 2014 in the porthole theatre to explain all rules regarding Dolphin Pride. Students may still participate in the program if they do not attend the meeting, however, they are responsible for the understanding of all aspects of this program. Failure to follow the rules of the program will result in disqualification from the award. This award recognizes student responsibility. As the student, you alone are held responsible.

Web Site: www.dhhs.net/dpaward is our program web page. Please check regularly for updated information. I will post service opportunities there as they become available. Emails will not be sent out to remind you of opportunities.


LAST YEAR 57 STUDENTS EARNED THE DOLPHIN PRIDE AWARD! We invite all interested students to apply for this year’s award. Students who earn the award for three years are recognized with “silver” status and four years with “gold” status at the Senior Awards night.

CUSD Approved Tutoring Hours for Dolphin Pride

The CUSD Bilingual Community Liaison looking for tutors to assist the students at Hidden Hills Elementary School located in Laguna Niguel.  Tutors can assist 1-2 times a week, anywhere from 60-90 minutes.


Please call Gabriela Boulgarides to check days and times. Contact information is listed below.


This tutoring program is aiming to begin in late October or the beginning of November. 




Gabriela Boulgarides, Bilingual Community Liaison glboulgarides@capousd.org Hidden Hills Elementary School

(949) 495-0050 ext. 2205

Dolphin Pride Award

Today: 9/20/14


Intramural Ping Pong is Coming!
Do you want a golden paddle? If you do, then you need to sign up for Ping-Pong as an Intramural. Although it is an October Intramural, we will be taking early sign-ups. Spots are limited so make sure you either email dhhsintramurals@yahoo.com... Continue
Posted by: Ken Nedler
Published: 9/5/14

Contact Us

Nedler, Ken
Sys Admin


For an application, please click here.

School Service Hours Log

Please use the form below for recording all service hours. Thank you.

Service Hours Log

2013-2014 Dolphin Pride Recipients

Final Official List of Recipients
Gold Award Recipients
Name Grade
Jessica Costa 12
Cole Dieterle 12
Jennifer Emerson 12
Jimmy Fox 12
Afsoon Ghafari-Saravi 12
Elizabeth Kappes 12
Courtney King 12
Michaela King 12
Megan LaRocca  12
Silver Award Recipients
Name Grade
Kian Ashoubi 11
Blaire Borisoff 11
Ben Borovinsky 11
Regina DeGeorge 11
Athena Hosek 11
Kaitlin King 11
Ellen Koci 11
Caitlin Lawson 11
Christian Martindale 11
Andres Mattson 11
Paulina Ordaz 11
Brian Scott 11
Elizah Seigal 11
Justin Sterner 11
Kimberly Thomas 11
Charlotte Tweed 11
Jackson Watkins 11
Bronze Award Recipients
Name Grade
Chase Aplin 10
Henry Borlin 10
Michael Bradley 10
Brendon Burke 11
Charlie Kappes 10
Mallika Kolar 11
Christopher LaBella 10
Gregory LaBella 10
Natalie LaRocca 10
McKenzie Leeds 10
Amanda Nedula 10
Emily Regan 10
Kyle Small 10
Morgan Takach 10
Tiffany Thein 10
Jenny Thompson 10
First Year Awrd Recipients
Name Grade
Kristen Ahmann 9
Rose Albert 9
Allison Aplin 9
Rachel Clark 10
Ryan Clark 10
Caroline Fallon 9
Jasmine Hosseinipour 9
Heather Maitino 9
Max Neuharth 9
Emily Pai 9
Mitchell Paul 9
Charlyn Ritchie 9
Matt Tonks 9
Whitney Wachtel 9
Thomas Wilfert 9
Updated June 16, 2014 4:00pm
The above names are confirmed recipients of the Dolphin Pride Award for the 2013-2014 school year. If you feel that your name has been left off this roster in error, please stop by room 614 and talk with Mr. Nedler