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Dolphin Pride

Dolphin Pride Meeting

An additional informational meeting has been scheduled on Thursday, January 12, 2017 in the Porthole Theatre during lunch.  This is an opportunity for students who missed the first meeting to hear an explanation of the rules or for those who might have questions about the program. This meeting is optional, and students need not attend to continue to participate in the program.  However, as this is an award recognizing student responsibility, students are responsible for understanding all aspects of the program

Dolphin Pride Hour Log Due Dates will be posted second semester

  • Seniors:  Senior hour logs will be due shortly after the second semester spring progress report. 


  • Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors:  Hour logs will be due closer to the end of the year.


Hour logs are to be placed in the PTSA mailbox in the front office. Late applications are not accepted. Remember, it is an award based upon personal responsibility, so you and you alone are responsible for meeting the requirements and deadlines.        

George White Elementary School Tutoring Opportunities

We are starting a Homework Club for 2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th graders again and we are looking for High School students to support our Homework Club teacher. The Homework Club will be on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2:15-3:00.  We are looking for 4 students or so who need to complete service hours. We would like to at least have 2 students each day.  We would like them to be upper grade (11th or 12th ) and honor students that can help.  Mostly we will be dealing with mathematics and Language Arts.  Please feel free to give them my name and information to contact me, emails and phone. 


Homework Club starts on Monday, January 23 @2:15 to 3:00pm


Thank you for your help,


Sara Whitfield

Bilingual Community Liasion

George White Elementary School


Ongoing Opportunities for Hours


An open letter from Gabi Guizar-Boulgarides, Hidden Hills Elementary . . .


I am the Bilingual Community Services Liaison for Hidden Hills Elementary school in Laguna Niguel.  I am reaching out to you again this year in hopes of finding high school students who are interested in tutoring students at Hidden Hills Elementary starting the week of September 19th or 26th.   We have been successful in the past with high school students volunteering their time.  This requires a commitment until May 12, 2017.


Our school hours are:  7:45 – 2:05 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  On Tuesday, the hours are 7:45 – 12:50. 


Please have students submit their availability directly to me, and I will proceed from there in coordinating with our teachers.  We are always in need of tutors for Thursdays from 1:00 – 2:15 to tutor a group of kids in the area of math, reading, and/or comprehension. 


I appreciate your assistance in publicizing this opportunity on your website, meetings, bulletin boards, clubs, etc.


Thank you so much for your assistance.  Have a great year!


Gabriela "Gabi" Guizar-Boulgarides

Bilingual Community Services Liaison

Hidden Hills Elementary

(949) 495-0050 ext. 2205

Monday– Friday 7:30am – 2:00pm



Come earn your hours recycling on certain Saturdays (see below) from 9am-11am.  

Please contact Karen LaBella at karenlabella@att.net if you have questions.

Previous Volunteer Opportunities

American Red Cross Blood Drive -- 11/4/16

Honor the Valor Football Game -- Flag Practice 11/2/16, Flag Presentation 11/4/16

Dana Running Foundation -- Cross Country Invitational 9/24/16

Baking for Back to School Night -- 9/1/16
Back to School Night Bake Sale -- 9/1/16

Registration -- 7/25, 26, 28, 29/16, 8/8/16

Packet distribution -- 7/19, 20, 21/16



All students at Dana Hills High School are eligible for this award which is based on satisfactory academic achievement, outstanding attendance, outstanding citizenship, and school service. 

Applications are due to the PTSA mailbox in the front office by 3:00 p.m. on September 23, 2016

Applications turned in after September 23, 2016 will not be accepted.


Academic Achievement:  Maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA with no D or F grades on first semester report card and no D’s or F’s through the spring 12-week progress report (March 31, 2017).

Citizenship:  No “N” or “U” marks in citizenship on all progress reports and semester report cards.

Attendance:  No more than two tardies (including “Q” excused tardy) per class per semester and no more than a total of ten tardies for the academic school year. No truancies (period or day). No more than five absences (for any reason other than school events/business) for the academic school year. For the purpose of this award, college visits are not approved absences. In the event of serious illness, the candidate can provide a doctor’s note and the five absence rule will be reviewed by the Activities Director.

School Service:  15 hours of school service. There are now only eight pre-approved school service organizations that you may work for in order to receive school credit. They are PTSA, Dolphin Force, Grad Nite, Paths, the Library and any CUSD approved tutoring or instructional program, along with the donation of home-made baked goods to school events and donation of blood to school-sponsored blood drives. No credit will be given for service hours with teachers, teams, clubs or for individual tutoring. No hour credit will be given for any items donated that were not home-made. Credit will ONLY be earned for Saturday recycling events. (No after school or lunchtime recycling.) Students must turn in service hour logs with each event as a separate entry and verify hours as indicated on logs. No combining of events. Late turn in or incomplete hour logs or applications result in no credit given.

1.  Donation of Baked Goods:

A maximum of three (3) total hours will be given throughout the school year for donated items. All baked goods donated must be home-made. No credit will be given for store bought food, beverages, etc.

2.   Blood Donations:

Two (2) total hours will be given to a student for each blood donation. Limit of two blood drives per year.

3.   Maximum of Eight (8) Volunteer Hours Per Day

California labor laws specify that a minor may not work for more than 8 hours per day. 

Meeting: There is an informational meeting scheduled on Friday, September 16, 2016 in the Porthole Theatre to explain all rules regarding Dolphin Pride. Students may still participate in the program if they do not attend the meeting; however, they are responsible for the understanding of all aspects of this program. Failure to follow the rules of the program will result in disqualification from the award. This award recognizes student responsibility. As the student, you alone are held responsible.

Web Site: www.dhhs.net/dpaward is our program web page. Please check regularly for updated information. Service opportunities will be posted there as they become available. Emails will not be sent out to remind you of opportunities.


LAST YEAR 30 STUDENTS EARNED THE DOLPHIN PRIDE AWARD! We invite all interested students to apply for this year’s award. Students who earn the award for three and four years are recognized at the Senior Awards night with a medallion. THIS MEDALLION MAY BE WORN AT GRADUATION.                                                                                   

Dolphin Pride Award

Today: 1/17/17


No news posted

Dolphin Pride Application 2016-2017

Please use this downloadable application for the Dolphin Pride award. Applications are due September 23, 2016, to the PTSA maibox in the front office.

Dolphin Pride Application

School Service Hours Log

Please use the form below for recording all service hours. No other form will be accepted. Do not staple any other signed form to the official form. Thank you.

Service Hours Log

2016-2017 Applicants

Last Name First Name Grade Prior Years
Ahmann Kristen 12 3
Arce Sarah 12 0
Diamsay Godfrey 12 1
Gatbonton Cassandra 12 0
Hoagland Michael 12 0
Jafar Tamara 12 1
Means Sophie 12 0
Neuharth Maxwell 12 2
Paul Mitchell 12 3
Ritchie Charlyn 12 3
Sosa Loretta 12 0
Tonks Matthew 12 3
Wachtel Whitney 12 3
Angel Shelby 11 1
Antzoulatos Alexia 11 0
Banducci Ava 11 0
Burns Ryan 11 2
Costa Tyler 11 2
Dec Nicole 11 0
Exworthy Matt 11 1
Farrell Molly 11 0
Favero Julien 11 0
Fellenzer Eric 11 1
Fox Brendan 11 1
Gomez Nicholas 11 1
Halvorson Naia 11 0
Jackson Hailey 11 0
King John 11 0
LeGrande Sarah 11 0
Lisle Claire 11 0
Martindale Connor 11 2
McGauley Emily 11 2
McGauley Rebecca 11 2
Newboles Aidan 11 0
Palmer Isaac 11 0
Reynolds Robert 11 1
Roche Sophie 11 0
Romo Peyton 11 0
Romo Reed 11 0
Sanchez Myriam 11 0
Wilde Julianne 11 0
Wright Kaitlin 11 0
Adame Christian 10 1
Anderson Gabriel 10 0
Avila Ileana 10 0
Barnett Isabel 10 0
Bower Carly 10 0
Burns Sabrina 10 0
Bustos Ximena 10 0
Drossel Andrew 10 1
Drossel Matthew 10 1
Ebrahimi Yasaman 10 0
Espinoza Dariela 10 0
Geiger Megan 10 0
Guzman Ashley 10 0
Haskins Jaden 10 0
Hernandez Alex 10 0
Kershaw Eris 10 0
Keyvan Leila 10 0
LaBella Kaitlin 10 0
Lindstrom Oskar 10 0
McDermott Maddie 10 0
McKeown Mia 10 0
Meng Sarah 10 0
Motabar Nikki 10 0
Olson Claire 10 0
Peebles Madison 10 0
Philbin Jackson 10 0
Podres Brooke 10 0
Potter Dylan 10 1
Remeyer Trevor 10 0
Rhodes Emily 10 0
Sullivan Aidan 10 0
Velasquez Chelsea 10 0
Webb John 10 0
Yoneda Kilev 10 0
Aldujaili Austin 9 0
Allemann Avery 9 0
Ammann Jared 9 0
Barnett Victoria 9 0
Battaglia Emeric 9 0
Clark Mason 9 0
Clibon Lauren 9 0
Davenport Nicolette 9 0
DeGeorge Amanda 9 0
Ebrahimi Niloo 9 0
Fallon John 9 0
Farman Tari D. 9 0
Ferguson Caitlyn 9 0
Fermelia James 9 0
Gravitt Charlie 9 0
Gromotsky Adam 9 0
Guthary Andrew 9 0
Iacono Julia 9 0
Ieng Sebastian 9 0
Kupfer-Weidstein Alexander 9 0
Kupfer-Weidstein Rachel 9 0
Lawrence Mia 9 0
Lenthall Carsen 9 0
Lightner Luke 9 0
Liu Amy 9 0
Martinez Kimberly 9 0
May Kendall 9 0
McCarthy Curren 9 0
Miller Mackenzie 9 0
Na Christopher 9 0
Neuharth Harrison 9 0
Neuhoff Angel Orion 9 0
O'Malley Olivia 9 0
Quinley Kylie 9 0
Reinhard Brooke 9 0
Reynolds Emma 9 0
Rice Aidan 9 0
Rippe Kaycie 9 0
Roche Eve 9 0
Sabahat Spencer 9 0
Salazar Brianna 9 0
Sanders James 9 0
Serrano Elise 9 0
Snibbe Jack 9 0
Stange Jason 9 0
Tanski Nikolas 9 0
Tonks Charlotte 9 0
Upp Max 9 0
Walsh Dylan 9 0
Walters George 9 0
Ward Gavin 9 0
Zachary Adler 9 0
Did Not Apply-Past Awards Received
Albert Rose 12 1
Aplin Allison 12 1
Fallon Caroline 12 2
Hosseinipour Jasmine 12 2
Maitino Heather 12 1
Mullen Patrick 12 2
Pai Emily 12 1
Wilfert Thomas 12 2
Tweed Sarah 11 2
Hembrough Emma 10 1

Underclass Recipients for the 2015-2016 School Year

3 Year Recipients  
Kristen Ahmann 11
Mitchell Paul 11
Charlyn Ritchie 11
Matt Tonks 11
Whitney Wachtel 11
2 Year Recipients  
Ryan Burns 10
Tyler Costa 10
Connor Martindale 10
Emily McGauley 10
Rebecca McGauley 10
Patrick Mullen 11
Sarah Tweed 10
1 Year Recipients  
Christian Adame 9
Godfrey Diamsay 11
Andrew Drossel 9
Matthew Drossel 9
Emma Hembrough 9
Tamara Jafar 11
Dylan Potter 9
Robert Reynolds 10


Awards are presented by PTSA. If you are not listed, or have questions, please contact PTSA for answers.

Senior Medallion Recipients

Four Year Recipients
Michael Bradley
Chistopher LaBella
Gregory LaBella
Sarah McGauley
Kyle Small
Tiffany Thein
Jennifer Thompson
Jessica Tuma
Three Year Recipients
Chase Aplin
Emily Regan

Non-Discrimination Statement

The Capistrano Unified School District prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying in all district activities, programs, and employment based upon actual or perceived gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, color, religion, ancestry, nationality, national origin, ethnic group identification, sex, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, pregnancy, age, physical or mental disability or on the basis of a person’s association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics. Reference: AR 1312.3, BP 1312.3 and BP 5183.

Rich Montgomery, Executive Director, Human Resource Services/Compliance
33122 Valle Road, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(949) 234-9200

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